Frequently Asked Questions

Why will restaurant enroll with us.
  • Our unique concepts helps in organizing the waiting electronically & digitally.
  • Our platform will have authentic reviews.
  • Ours is food based search platform rise in weekdays booking.
Is the application user friendly?

Yes, we will provide training to use the application.

Will it be charged service in the future?


Will one tie-up will apply to all our franchisee/other branches?

We are open as per your need.

How much minimum discount do you expect ?

Minimum 15%

Is there any fees for restaurant?


What will be the benefit to restaurant?

Manage the waiting Q easily and increase weekday sales.

Can we generate daily, weekly, monthly report and send SMS or promotional activity?

Yes you can.

Will you provide your representative for initial period to explain the concept to customers?

FoodQ will provide complete process support till the time process gets smooth.

Are you expecting any special service for your customer?

No, we expect you to manage the scheduled booking.

What is your commitment to the customer?

We make your waiting Digital is the only commitment to the customer. we don’t commit reservations.

What additional support will FoodQ provide to support the application ?

Timely activity for awareness of application.

Priority to food q booking or physical guest?

There will be no difference between FoodQ customers and walking customers. Both will be treated same however restaurant can advice customers to use FOODQ and if possible provide priority to FoodQ customers.

How will I know return guest?

For FoodQ customers, we will have the data on our side from the website booking. For walking customer restaurant has to use FoodQ manager or admin panel to maintain the records of the users.

Will the app suggest the restaurant according to my geographical presence?

Yes, our marketing strategy will be based on geographical presence but user can search the restaurants based on food and location both.

What is the benefit to FoodQ?

Initially, we are creating a brand value for our product. In future, we will implement our revenue model. Services, which are assigned to restaurants at the time of signup, will be ALWAYS FREE and if we come up with any new feature, we will inform you with cost model for those features.

How will you increase week day sales?

We are planning to do proximate marketing based on location and get the students and corporate customers with the Weekday discounts available from your side. We also have retailer module available which will be used to reach to end users directly and to motivate them to use weekday discounts.